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To engineer is human...
...to annoy - divine
Almost time for new resolutions! 
23rd-Dec-2018 12:09 pm
Which I will put off until the last minute and then run around like a crazy person trying to get done... I mean, I still have pages from my 2012 goal book that aren't completed! And hence, this post. For a few reasons. One, posting pictures was a goal, back when it was easier. Now with Photobucket being a [insert favorite derogatory term here], and no longer having a paid blog account... it was down to Flickr. Which I don't hate, much, but I'm lazy and multi-step processes are so much work! This was a goal before Instagram, which is about all I use for photos, since it cross-posts to FB for me.

But, I do want to get back into blogging, I miss is, and I do need to get some photos posted. But I warn you, these are not for the faint of heart. These are... of my craft room. The craft room I was going to get cleaned up. And haven't. In part because I'm lazy, but also in part because it's overwhelming. So if you're brave...


The entryway, it's not even clear (though it is better than it was a few weeks ago!)


The bead storage area and shelf. I have a few hoops I need to hang, and the bead organization is... to say it's overwhelming would be putting it mildly.


The pink box is also full of beading stuff.


PART of my yarn.


More yarn, and a drawer with ribbon storage (also unorganized and overflowing)


Also the back edge of my ironing board, which hasn't been cleared off in... well, ever. The crab I bought at an "antique mall" to send back with my LV, who is a lobster, but he has some stitching loose and I was going to fix him. A ten-minute job I haven't done in over two weeks. It's a pattern.


Sewing area. Actually usable (I sewed last week) but not pleasant to use. The tower of fabric, on the other hand, really needs sorting out - the fiber on top keeps falling on me, and there's a mountain of it at the bottom that is just... scary.


Sewing basket that won't actually close, a small basket of unfinished projects (not the only basket of unfinished projects, oh no!).


Piles of stuff.


More piles of stuff.


And more piles of stuff. I have two friends that moved/are moving and they've given me lots of stuff, which is nice, but didn't take the time to find a place for it, and... well, it piled up.


The closet. Once organized, now crammed with stuff. So many unfinished projects!

I keep saying "I just need a day to do nothing but work on it", but that day never seems to happen. Between work and volunteering and keeping the rest of the house livable (I know this looks horrific, but that's in part because it's a dumping ground and I do try to keep the rest of the place nice)... I run out of energy and time. I'm now torn between trying to make a massive push (which might leave me overwhelmed and miserable) or trying to work on it for 15-30 minutes a day (which would also be problematic in slowness and inefficiency).

But I also have other goals I'm trying to finish out before the end of the year, so... I guess I'll see what I have time and energy for. But hopefully, at the end of 2019, I'm not making a similar post to this one!
23rd-Dec-2018 10:07 pm (UTC)


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