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To engineer is human...
...to annoy - divine
The Fault in Ourselves 
1st-Mar-2017 12:33 pm
I'm having such a hard time not saying something, I'm really trying, but... It's getting hard.

I have a friend who rails against people who do X, Y, Z.

And then, of course, she turns around and does exactly those sane things. Or I know she's just done those things in the past. And I want to shake her and scream "do you not see what you're doing?!"

And yes, we all do that now and then. When someone else drives fast or crazy, they're a dangerous asshole. When we do it, we're in a hurry! Can't be helped! Everyone has those moments of self-justification. It's human nature.

But sometimes it gets out of hand, and you look like a hypocritical jerk.

I know next time I complain about something, I'm going to take a pretty close look at my own behaviour before I say anything.

(And that includes this post, as I am resolving to try to ensure non-hypocrisy in the future)
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