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To engineer is human...
...to annoy - divine
Making icons... Old goals... 
30th-Jan-2017 10:04 am
One of my old goals was to make more icons, back in the day when I did that for contests and kink bingo. I haven't done any of that in ages, but a few evenings would knock out that goal. The question is... icons of what? Any theme ideas would be appreciated!

Some days I feel like a slave to my goal list, other days it makes me happy... I think, much like my craft room and projects, I just need to wrestle it down to a manageable level. It threatens to overwhelm at times, and that's not the point of it.

I also desperately need to vacuum. It's amazing how much detritus one dog can drag in through a doggie door!
30th-Jan-2017 04:24 pm (UTC)

Well I know I could use some seasonal icons?

I could also use a new banner/layout but hey whatever ;)

I'll keep thinking

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