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To engineer is human...
...to annoy - divine
On incessant pestering 
7th-Nov-2016 09:26 am
The more times I'm told to go vote, the less I want to. I've voted in primaries and general elections for quite a while now, and never have I so not wanted to. I just don't. Even. Care.

Because no one want me to just "vote". They don't care about me exercising my rights. What they mean, and what they should just say, is, "you need to go out and vote the way I want you to, or really, I'm just okay with you keeping your ignorant ass home because you suck."

To keep it as non-political as possible, imagine they want to combine the American League and National League and have the same rules. This means deciding on the contentious designated hitter rule. Some love it, some hate it. Let's say you like it, but you know your friends hates it. This friends has expressed lackluster interest in voting.

How hard do you try to convince them to vote? Do you say, "But you must, your voice must be heard!", or do you just kinda go, "eh, yeah, if you really don't want to vote, whatever, it's all good."

If you say the first, you're obviously very principled or simply don't have very strong feelings on the designated hitter rule. So, in your own head, go ahead and slide your candidate of choice in there. Still the same?

Mike Rowe did a piece on why blind voting (telling people to vote no matter what they know about the issues/candidates) isn't great. If you really don't know, why should you vote? Why are celebrities urging people, regardless of if they even know who's running (think state-level races), to get out there and vote? Aren't they missing a step? Maybe it's implied that they should learn about politics first, but... that's one of those things that should actually be said. If you don't know the candidates stance on at least three issues near and dear to your heart... why are you voting for them? Because some celebrity said to? Yeah.

So you know what? I don't care if you vote. I don't care if you skip voting all together, or only fill out the part on local bond issues, or just vote on a sales tax question. You do whatever makes you happy.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.
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