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To engineer is human...
...to annoy - divine
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22nd-May-2018 02:24 pm - Old goals, new pictures
Went to the arboretum today, and since, way back in 2012 and 2013 I made goals of uploading pictures to my blog (back when I have easy photo hosting and wasn't on Facebook or Instagram), and I can't let old goals go, here are some pictures! I braved bees and the sun and we hiked out there for about 2 1/2 hours, and I have my daily goal of steps. Time for a nap!

Of course I had to look up the code for a cut again because boy has it been a long time!Collapse )
7th-Mar-2017 07:45 pm - February Books
12. The Forgotten Girls ** (5 Feb – 5 Feb) Read more...Collapse )

13. The Siege Winter *** (Audio) (26 Jan – 6 Feb) Read more...Collapse )

14. Turbo Twenty-Three **** (12 Feb – 12 Feb) Read more...Collapse )

15. Wither **** (12 Feb – 12 Feb) Read more...Collapse )

16. Because of Miss Bridgerton *** (Audio) (2 Feb – 14 Feb) Read more...Collapse )

17. The Rapture of the Nerds *** (audio) (14 Feb – 22 Feb) Read more...Collapse )

18. Attachments **** (24 Feb – 24 Feb) Read more...Collapse )

19. Reading Lolita in Tehran *** (15 Jan – 26 Feb) Read more...Collapse )
1st-Mar-2017 12:33 pm - The Fault in Ourselves
I'm having such a hard time not saying something, I'm really trying, but... It's getting hard.

I have a friend who rails against people who do X, Y, Z.

And then, of course, she turns around and does exactly those sane things. Or I know she's just done those things in the past. And I want to shake her and scream "do you not see what you're doing?!"

And yes, we all do that now and then. When someone else drives fast or crazy, they're a dangerous asshole. When we do it, we're in a hurry! Can't be helped! Everyone has those moments of self-justification. It's human nature.

But sometimes it gets out of hand, and you look like a hypocritical jerk.

I know next time I complain about something, I'm going to take a pretty close look at my own behaviour before I say anything.

(And that includes this post, as I am resolving to try to ensure non-hypocrisy in the future)
I think I should get a bloody award for not having children, I'm pretty sure I'm the type of person who would insist they wear a seatbelt in the car and helmets on bikes, then turn around and accidentally leave them at a rest stop. For a "responsible" person, I have staggering moments of irresponsibility. It's just lucky that modern technology keeps me from monumentally cocking it all up.

I'm looking at you, beautiful, wonderful, life-saving automatic bill pay. I'm pretty sure my credit score would be wallowing in the craptastic range if it wasn't for you. And I don't mean to brag, but my credit card company said my score was 829! That's... good, right? The commercials all say 720 is "good", so I'm guessing I'll qualify for a car loan when the Mustang finally meets its maker, or a cement mixer, or a ditch. But my laissez faire attitude towards my finances has a dark side.

A dark, red wine colored side, as a matter of fact.

SOMEONE (I will not name names, Gelsey) gave me a code for Naked Wines. It's a subscription service for wine where you pay monthly and then you can order cases of wine to be delivered to your house. Pretty sweet, but the lowest level is $40 a month, and I really don't drink *that* much wine. But you got something like a free $100 for trying it out, and so I did, using a credit card that was soon to expire. And when I couldn't find the place to deactivate the account, the credit card expired, I used up all my stored credit, and thought that was the end of it.

Fast forward almost two years later. You see where this is going, yes?

Yes. Apparently they *did* find a way to charge my new card. And have been doing so. For almost two years.

How on earth did I not notice, you ask? Good question, and I'll answer that as soon as I run back to the rest stop to pick up the kids. Metaphorically, that is.

The credit card I used is one we don't use often, hubby uses it for some online game purchases and we use it if, for any reason, someplace doesn't take Discover. And I have it set to automatically pay the balance every month. Yes, I get an email that gives me the amount, but it's usually only about $50-$100 and I never thought... I just didn't even check, partly because I'd misplaced my password and dear god I'm lazy.

I had over $800 of wine credit.

That is a shitload of wine. I just ordered 21 bottles and still have over $500 of credit.

The good news is I found the place on the web site to deactivate my account! Which I will do as soon as I spend all the money out of my account. Until then, I will be the designated wine-bringer to all activities. Art night? Have some wine. Craft night? Have some wine! Game night? WINE!


That would have bought a LOT of yarn. :(
You keep using that word... impeachment. You do remember when Bill Clinton was impeached, yes? Maybe not. But he was! And then continued on being president for two years, because that's not all there is to it.

Now, impeached and *convicted*, well, that's a different story, but that also has to go through the Senate. Clinton got a 50-50 vote on the obstruction charges, I believe, and that allowed him to remain president.

So if there is a conviction?

President Pence.

And therein lies the delicate balance of selecting your running mate. They can't be so abhorrent that they actually cause people to vote against you, but they also can't be anyone that people would more want as the president.

Of all the jobs the Vice President has, assassination insurance is the most unsung.
5th-Feb-2017 10:34 am - January Tally - 11 books
1. Dust and Shadow (audio) **** Read more...Collapse )
2. Bad Blood *** Read more...Collapse )
3. The Winter People (audio) *** Read more...Collapse )
4. The Tuesday Club Murders **** Read more...Collapse )
5. The Aftermath ** Read more...Collapse )
6. Wicked Autumn (audio) ** Read more...Collapse )
7. The Motion of Puppets **** Read more...Collapse )
8. The Waking Dark (audio) *** Read more...Collapse )
9. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie (audio) ***** Read more...Collapse )
10. Goblin Secrets **** Read more...Collapse )
11. Laughing at My Nightmare **** Read more...Collapse )
30th-Jan-2017 10:04 am - Making icons... Old goals...
One of my old goals was to make more icons, back in the day when I did that for contests and kink bingo. I haven't done any of that in ages, but a few evenings would knock out that goal. The question is... icons of what? Any theme ideas would be appreciated!

Some days I feel like a slave to my goal list, other days it makes me happy... I think, much like my craft room and projects, I just need to wrestle it down to a manageable level. It threatens to overwhelm at times, and that's not the point of it.

I also desperately need to vacuum. It's amazing how much detritus one dog can drag in through a doggie door!
3rd-Jan-2017 09:50 pm - Amazon shenanigans
So... the weirdest thing just happened.

I got an email from Amazon saying the were shipping the stickers I'd ordered. Except, of course, I hadn't.

I looked at the order, and it said the order total was $1.96 and it had been paid with an Amazon Gift Card. Another weird thing, if you look at the actual item, the retail price is $9.99. So... why the $1.96?!

So I immediately cancelled the order and changed my password, naturally (which is a shame, I loved that password!). And now I have a $2 Amazon gift card balance?!

And it wasn't like it was being sent to someone else, so... why? Why break into someone's account and use a gift card to order $2 worth of stickers to be sent to them?! I am so baffled.

At this point it's just so weird I'm willing to believe it's a computer snafu, somewhere the 1s and 0s got lost and mixed up and it's just some bizarre glitch. Because... otherwise... seriously, why?!
3rd-Jan-2017 09:21 am - Setting goals
It's that time again, new goal book time! And for something that is of my own making and that should be my own rules, I'm having some difficulty.

For instance: goals of years past I've "replaced" when they became impractical or not very possible (like the swimming goal, since we no longer belong to the gym and don't have access to a pool), but what about when I just don't like them any more, or I've moved past that particular pastime? Is that okay? I can't make my mind up about that, which is ridiculous because it's my bloody goal book and supposed to be fun!

Well, fun and challenging, I suppose, which leads to the next question... how much to push myself? I'd had "days of morning pages" as a goal, because I thought I could do that (stupid "read a self-help book" book challenge category!), but I know I didn't do well with it last time...

I started on March 16th, and March 28th every reads:

Oh goodness, I missed a day. I just kept making excuses to "do it later" and... you know what? Fuck it. I can't even do this today. I dread and hate it so much. Goodbye, morning pages.

So I'm thinking that's not the goal for me, no matter how many people gush about it. Not everything is for everyone, I have to tell myself. Just because other people love and benefit from it doesn't mean you will. No matter how much you try. And putting in a goal I'm going to dread (I've never been much of a journal person, more of a list person) and probably never do will lead right back to the earlier conundrum in a year or two, the ethics of switching out goals you just don't want to do.

I might be overthinking this. It is supposed to be fun, right? And it doesn't count for anything. No one else even cares! I should be able to replace goals if I want to. ...maybe.

22nd-Nov-2016 09:06 am - You keep using that word...
I don't think it means what you think it means. In fact, I know it does not.

Yes, this is a petty, silly thing to be annoyed about, but annoyed I am.

Lately, there has been a bit of an epidemic of people creating FB accounts with other people's names and sending friend requests to all of their friends. Why? No idea. Not entirely sure what the point of it is, or what they hope to get. Whatever the reason, the one thing that did not happen?

You were not "hacked".

Please stop saying that. "Hacked" would be if they took over your legitimate FB page, not creating one impersonating you.

Nor is it "hacking" when someone uses your name on a different email account to send your friends spam and virus-ladened emails. Again, "hacking" is when they take over your actual email account (this did happen a lot to Yahoo accounts a bit back).

You were not "hacked".

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