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8th-Sep-2014 09:10 pm - Pumpkin All The Things - Week 1

Oooh, sorry, missed posting my first week! Eeep! In the first edition of Pumpkin All The Things, I picked Pumpkin Bread Pudding.... in a mug! Now, I've not had the best luck with all of the Mug Cakes, some are okay, some are not, but this is bread pudding, and I love bread pudding. And it has caramel sauce. And ice cream. What's not to love? Not a lot, to be honest. It was easy, and worked pretty well... I combined all of it into one mug (and ate the WHOLE THING!) so I cooked it a little longer, and it was a little ... eggier? than I usually like my bread pudding (I don't measure when I make it, but I think my milk to egg ratio is different) but it was still good (and, yes, tasted very much like pumpkin pie). The worst thing, though? I now know I am but minutes away from bread pudding at any time...
3rd-Sep-2014 01:08 pm - In the grand scheme of things...
This, too, shall pass, but it's still bloody annoying. I thought the grocery store closing was going to be the low point of my week, but apparently losing my keys while shopping at lunch at JoAnn will be. Maybe. It's only Wednesday, after all.

I'm sitting here waiting for the key fairy to bring me my spare key, and there's a chance my keys are in the car. We shall see. I've walked the store for times and didn't see them, and I'd think I'd have heard them drop. No one, so far, has turned in keys, and, on the bright side, no one has stolen my awesome 16-year-old car. So there's that.

I'm going they're in the car, though, because this would put me in a position without a spare key, and could I really justify getting a new key/fob for this car? The check engine light is still on, and you have to figure it has limited life left. But I can't be without a sister key, because while this is only the second time in my life I've locked myself out of my car... it's the second time I've locked myself out of my car.

I blame being unbelievably groggy today. I haven't been with it all day.

C'mon, key fairy!

Edit: good news! The keys were in the car, they'd slipped between the sear and the center console when I was putting my reusable shopping bag in my purse. No good deed goes unpunished, yeah?
1st-Sep-2014 02:08 pm - It's September!

It's time to Pumpkin all the Things... I was worried about getting overwhelmed by a pumpkin-a-day challenge for a month, but a friend on FB suggested a pumpkin-a-week challenge, now until Thanksgiving. And so it shall be. Almost certainly all cookies and breads and pies and tarts. Mmmmmmm... pumpkin...

I found a pinboard that should help with finding recipes, though some of them don't call for straight-up pumpkin. But within almost 600 pins I can certainly find 13 decent recipes... and I do have my old favorites (one will have to be pumpkin pie, of course, and I have a pumpkin cookie recipe I adore, so I only need 11 new recipes!)

...I need to get excited about something, I just found out that my favorite grocery store is closing TOMORROW. It's just big enough to carry what I need and small enough you don't need a dog with a barrel of whiskey to come rescue you. It's laid out super-conveniently so that you don't have to travel eleventy billion miles to run in for a gallon of milk. It's on my way home, and easy to get in and out of. A huge mega-grocery store opened a mile away and they just don't have the business anymore. Said huge mega store (HyVee) is obnoxiously large and super stupidly laid out, and I hate it. Plus I hate them for the bullshit they pulled trying to make the city I work for look like the villain for not PAYING FOR THEM TO UPDATE THE STORE. Even though the city did offer money for outside renovations, that wasn't enough. They wanted to the city, and the taxpayers, to pay to remodel the inside of the store. That is uber-bullshit. So, even though they're the only store on my current route home, I'm not going to shop there if I can help it.

And, in a tangential note, I worry that my favorite liquor store, located in the same center as the closing grocery store, will not have enough business now, either. And having a huge vacant store just sucks. Hopefully something moves in quickly. :(
22nd-Aug-2014 08:49 am - Blogging
I think the reason I've fallen off blogging is because it's harder to share pictures, because they have to be hosted someplace and you then have to copy the link, blah blah blah. I know, I'm lazy. I used to use my LJ account to host, but I let my paid account lapse... and even that was a bit of a hassle. Say what you want about the evils of Facebook (and it is evil), they do make it easy to (over) share. And I share most of my crafts over at Craftster, which I love.

And I haven't been writing. I miss it, but between the insane amount of crafting, bellydance, art nights, family, gaming... when is there time? I do want to get back to it, though, maybe just a tiny drabble here and there... there are still stories in my head!

I did the postcard art thing for the library, and it reminded me of the postcard stories. I want to do those again. I should do those again. I'm gonna. There's a YouTube channel called Mary Doodles, and she had a series called "what will I draw?" where she takes a scribble and turns it into a drawing. Now, I'm nowhere near as talented as she is, but I want to try that! Maybe that would make good postcard art/stories?

I did remember I can email pictures to photobucket, though, so maybe...

Argh, I just remembered (by going there) that photobucket SUCKS on mobile, I can never actually see any of the pictures, so unless they email me the link to the photo I emailed in to upload, or I download the app, it's not going to happen. Oh, wait, maybe I just need to refresh...

 photo 20140821_204255_resized_zps3a175495.jpg

Now the question... how big is it... O.o
9th-Jun-2014 11:59 am - Not blogging much...
I'm pretty much just addicted to Craftster, I've not been around here or Facebook much lately. I'm making a real effort to limit my Facebook time, I don't think being there is good for me.

Mostly I've been knee-deep in crafts and craft swaps, some bellydance stuff, and not a whole lot else. Watching a lot of movies, reading a very little, and not writing much at all. I miss writing, but I just don't have the motivation to do it lately. Stupid muse. Must be on vacation.

In real life, things are back to interesting, with actual talk of voodoo and curses and people not in their right minds. I'm better when I just don't think about it, because you get a bunch of people taking conspiracy and even for the most logically-minded (such as me), doubts and concerns creep in. Not so much about curses, mind, but concerns none the less. And I have enough stress is my own life without worrying about other people (but how can you not?).

Hopefully my car will be fixed today, the AC went out and that is just not an option here in the summer. Apparently it wasn't the actual AC unit, it was a control board. For $600 I'll get not only my AC back and my heat working reliably, I'll also get fan speed 2 back! So yay for that! All for less than 2 months worth of car payments. Now I need to start keeping track, though, because if it starts being a regular car payment to keep the old girl running, it may be time to put her out to pasture.

I should write/blog more, but honestly, I just don't seem to have the energy. Argh.
17th-Apr-2014 01:59 pm - On the coupon front
I've used 63 coupons so far this year, and the news is not good.

Total savings: $75.28

Total spent on impulse buys: $106.08 (after savings)

Now, granted, I cannot say for sure I never would have bought any of the impulse items, or if I hadn't bought them I wouldn't have bought something else (say, instead of Teddy Grahams I would have gotten Oreos or something). A lot of the make-up purchases I probably wouldn't have made, though, and they are by far the worst offenders.

And not all of the impulse purchases are bad, I bought a flat of Halos, which are good for you, but also expensive and I had to give a bunch away because I can't eat a ton of them on my own. And arguably I would have eventually bought sausage.

If I change those two it brings impulse spending down to $92.76. Still more than the savings! But without those impulse items, which are also by far the best coupons... I'd have only saved... $39.50.

So really, in all honestly, couponing has saved me $39.50 and made me spend $92.76 on things I might not have purchased. Hmmmmm...

I don't think I'm a very good couponer. I have a goal to use 100 this year, once I hit that I think I'll quit. And I need to get much more selective about the coupons I use.
8th-Apr-2014 10:15 am - I gave in
...the county about my house appraisal. It just really bothers me that it's so low, and I really worry that since they know I know it's low, they'll want to come back for taxes they should have collected. Silly, perhaps, but there you have it. One house with my floorplan in the neighborhood is appraised 60k higher, I assume it recently sold and that was the selling price. So why didn't they base the appraisal of my house on that?! Same floorplan, same neighborhood... seems like a no-brainer. But it's the government.

Part of me really does want to move, I'm used to change and being in one place for this long is... eh. But then I think about how much work that would be, and there's no place I'd really rather live (well, no place nearby, and moving out of state is a whole other set of issues) despite the issues with our house, so... I really just need to finish fixing it up the way I want it, but I don't have the energy and everything goes wrong and it's so frustrating. Bah. I really want new countertops, maybe that will make me feel better?

Probably not, just dumping more money into the house. I really need to watch "The Money Pit" again. Which reminds me, I do need to get some more movies to watch, so I can finish up some crafts in my craft room (no cable in there, just a DVD player).

Before this post gets any weirder, I think I'll end it with one other thing: I just read that they think procrastination may be genetic! So I'm not lazy and messy, I'm "chronically disorganized", and I don't put things off because I'm unmotivated, it's genetic! Yes!
2nd-Apr-2014 03:00 pm - Things and things and things
What a weekend. In bullet points:

* Puppy had a fairly massive seizure thing, it was horrible and scary, but she's pretty much back to normal now, we just have to wait and see how things go (she may have a tumor, or it could just be the result of her very advanced age - she is 15, and that's forcing us to think about "when")

* People afraid someone was being drugged/held against their will/dead on a tropical island. No, seriously. Cleared up, that was not the case, but omg drama!

* I am still freakin' sick. Blah.
21st-Mar-2014 08:02 am - It's spring! It's spring!
Clean all the things! Organize all the things! Landscape the yard! Put things away right after you use them! Keep the house clean and the laundry done! No more procrastination!

...starting next week.
12th-Mar-2014 08:25 am - Bugger off, today. *angry face*
I try to be positive most of the time, but some days just hit you wrong and today, instead of going for the upbeat "it can only get better from here!" I have choosen to be grumpy because you know what? It can always get worse. Always.

But I've also decided to make a change in my goal list - originally I had 100 things that about me as a list, and that seems... counterproductive. I'd be better served with 100 things that make me happy, though that is a double-dipping goal, I think I'll go with that. Mostly because I already dwell on the things that piss me off enough, like the fact that "thru" is apparently main-stream spelling these days. Ugh.

And I really need to avoid FB, though I'm counting the latest drama as a win, but we'll see. A girl and I were in a discussion, admittedly one that is pointless and doesn't really go anywhere because no one is going to change their opinion, and I asked a rather pointed question, and suddenly work was overwhelmingly busy and she wouldn't be able to read/answer my question for a few weeks. Fine, but then when I see you reposting memes and pictures and responding to other things on Facebook? Yeah. You just couldn't answer me. It's a hollow "win", though. I'm still cranky, and I still don't have an answer.

It doesn't help that I slept so incredibly poorly last night and I have way too much to do. There was a craft swap I was going to sign up for, but I really shouldn't. I really need to get my ducks in a row and finish some longer outstanding projects here. Even though it would be fun... And it motivates me to actually do something, even if it's not the something I really need to be doing.... *whines* But I wanna!
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