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27th-Mar-2015 12:41 pm - HabitRPG
I haven't died yet, but I did have to buy a health portion once. I'm just now really starting to add things as I get a feel for it. The one thing I wish they had was weekly chores. For now, I'm just setting them as dailies with a Sunday requirement, and what I'll do is check them off on Sunday regardless of what day of the week I did them. I know I could set them as to-dos with due dates on Sunday, but then I'd have to re-enter them every week. Bah!

I did join 2 challenges, the 2015 book challenge and the 2015 reading challenge. I'm going to assume since they say "2015" I can check off the ones I've already done this year, even though I just joined. I'm not so sure about audiobooks, though. They kinda count as books, but... I'm not sure.

Blog posting would be a weekly challenge... I have ones I want to post, but it requires pictures and picture hosting is just... a pain.
25th-Feb-2015 08:52 am - A post about nothing
I have things to post, honest I do, but they all require more than just my phone, and that's all I have right now. So I'll post about the things I want to post about, I suppose...

In not at all fun news, I have a sinus infection. Yay! I'm on drugs now, because we are suppose to have a performance on Saturday, though now the weather forecast is looking iffy (this particular event was cancelled last year due to snow). So we'll see. I am furiously trying to get some things done to sell at the workshop, but the intermittent stabbing headache and general feeling of blaaaah are making it difficult.

In better news, I do have more writing to post! I've continued, here and there, working on my music meme writing. It's getting me back in the spirit, and that makes me happy.

In further things-to-post news, I have more cleaning/organizing/hoarding books to review. No armoires this time, but still not helpful to me. I don't have the problems they attribute to "chronically disorganized" people, other than being, well, chronically disorganized. I'm not a perfectionist, I don't have emotional attachment to everything, I don't even really have any lack of energy (if I can start a new craft project, I could clean). I'm just lazy. And no self-help book is helping me. Only company motivates me. So... why don't y'all come over? ;)

I also watched a slew of bad SyFy movies that you will be hearing about...
12th-Feb-2015 08:48 am - On the cleaning kick again
One of my 101 things (which is subsequently part of my yearly goal book) is to go through 10 more cleaning/clutter/organizational books. This is probably a fruitless task, because I'm pretty honest about my problem. I'm not overly emotionally attached to stuff (classic boarder), I'm not a perfectionist (paralyzed into inaction), and I don't actually think I have much stuff (or a shopping problem)... I'm simply lazy. If I bothered to tidy up and put things away my house would be fine. But there's always something more interesting to be doing, and I generally pick that. Why fold that avalanche of fabric when I could go sit over there and knit? Why clean off my art desk when I can work on my clay at my computer desk? Until it reaches critical mass, I'd rather step over piles of laundry and bags of stuff than devote the time to cleaning it.

And it's not that I'm a perfectionist. Because when it hits that point, I have zero problems cleaning up. It's that up until then, it doesn't bother me enough to overcome my inertia. I. Am. Lazy.

No cleaning or self-help book is written about that.

Still, it's on the list, so... today it's Good Things for Organizing by Martha Stewart.

She starts off by saying that you don't have to have a massive kitchen to get it organized, then proceeds to suggest using an armoire in the kitchen to organize things... I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure my definition of "massive kitchen" is one that a freakin' enormous armoire fits in. And, or course, there's advice on not scratching your china or good silver... neither of which is an issue for me.

Sadly, the rest of the book follows pretty much the course you might expect. Enormous rooms are pictured, almost all of the organization tips require pricy purchases (unless you have a garage full of spare armoires), and the rest are off-puttingly snooty (tired of your guest ruining you pristine white towels with their make-up? In each guest set, have a dark-colored hand towel embroidered with the word "make up". No, really!).

There were a few interesting tips, like using finials bookends (because you can screw them into the shelf and they won't move/fall over), but mostly it's a useless book full of organization-porn pictures that will just make you feel inadequate and crap. Because my house sure as hell will never look like that, no matter what I do. It's simply to small and I don't have that much money to spend on all the kitschy antique furniture.

Not recommended.
5th-Feb-2015 06:48 pm - Goals and such
I have more writing, but it's downstairs on a jump drive, and I am feeling really, really lazy (and I don't need a refill on my drink yet).

I made another goal book for this year, and while I'm too lazy to upload a picture somewhere to put in this post, there are tons of pictures over in the Craftster post. And it explains why I went with 20/15 goals this year (besides being a not-so-subtle play on the year). I just can't let go of things I didn't finish before!

Also, I *finally* found my 101 things list I started back in January of 2014... I have not made great progress on it.

Ones I've completed:
#6- Release 20 Bookcrossing books
My account says 19, but I swear I did 20. Maybe it doesn't count the one I found?
#7 - Participate in a Craftster Challenge
I have done several, though never come close to winning
#9 - Blue Gummy Bear Bellydance outfit
Completed in time for Shimmy for the Cure last year
#35 - Watch 10 of IMDB's bottom 100 movies
Thanks to MST3K, easily done.
#65 - 10 Operation Beautiful cards
More than done! I did a lot...
#74 - Visit IKEA
And never again.
#97 - Pi costume
Made for the picnic in the summer of 2014

Ones I've made some progress on:

#1 - Finish Bathroom
It's close, I'm just not motivated to work on it. :(
#2 - A-Z Movies
I'm missing 4: N, U, X, Y (the last three I understand, but how did I miss out on N?!)
#27 - Take pictures of things that spell out the alphabet
I have about a dozen, I think.
#28 - Read my height in books
Ongoing, I don't actually know where I am with that! Sadly, I mostly do audiobooks...
#50 - Watch all seasons from 5 different shows
I keep getting most of the way through shows and losing steam...
#61 - Watch 5 foreign language films
I've done three! But you can't craft and just listen to them... you have to read!
#66 - 10 new teas
I think I may have done this, but wasn't really keeping track?

But now that I've found it, I can add that goal list to my goal book and keep better track! Hopefully...
4th-Feb-2015 06:05 pmGutterbumberchute!
Meme Question: Describe yourself

Song 1: Let Me Be the One – Quiet Riot
Inspiration: The theme of the song, which is pretty much in the title as well!
Word Count: 130

She looked at him longingly. Just ask me, she pleaded silently. I know the answer, I can help you! And once we work together, you’ll see how wonderful I am and you’ll start hanging out with me, and then…

Her daydream was cut short...Collapse )

Song 2: Thick as a Brick – Jethro Tull
Inspiration: Song Title
Word Count: 192

“Seriously, I can be a thick as two short planks at times,” Louise murmured to herself as she deleted a piece of code, hopefully the garbage that was causing it to hang up while compiling. Her office mate looked up and grinned.

That must be a Brit expression,Collapse )

Song 3: Serenade of Flames – Serenity
Inspiration: Lyrics – One more night and then in flames you’ll die. Nothing you can do or say will change your fate.
Word Count: 274

The key clanked in the lock and the iron door swung open just far enough to admit a tall man in dark robes. She huddled in the corner, the rags that were her dress clutched around her.

What are you doing here?Collapse )

Song 4: Restless – Within Temptation
Inspiration: It’s a song about a ghost haunting her (heart).
Word Count: 104

She sat at the table, staring at the single candle as the cold winter wind howled outside the door. She’d moved halfway around the world, to this remote Highland village, to try to escape the memories. Nothing could have been further from the hustle and bustle of New York City and the life they’d shared there, but she felt his presence as strongly as she had in their apartment. The place they had loved and laughed and promised to grow old together. The place…

The flame on the candle dipped and guttered as the wind outside shrieked “you killed me, and you will pay…”
4th-Feb-2015 08:24 am - Writing and sundry
I need to start writing again, because I miss it. The art and crafting are great, but they're seriously putting a big dent in my reading and writing. I think a lot of my problem with getting writing is a lack of motivation/prompts. My alter-ego did well writing semi-smut for kink_bingo, but they took a year off, and I haven't been able to get into any of the other bingo communities... just not really motivating me. So I thought I'd try something. It may or may not work, we'll see.

I'm doing the "put your music player on random and use song titles to answer these questions" memes, and I'm going to try to use those to write very short little snippets. I'm running through each meme four times, so there could be four drabbles per question, or one, depending on how well they go. I could use the sing title, a lyric, or the general meaning/theme of the sing for inspiration.

I've already determined my music player hates me. It plays songs from compilation albums I hate and skips my favorite songs, also lives to repeat itself, a lot. There are something like 7,000 songs in this computer, no way would a random playing have 15 repeats in less than 75 songs!

Anyway, that's the plan. It'll probably fall flat, but we'll see...
22nd-Sep-2014 07:48 am - Goals and such
Going into the last quarter, I've accomplished 4,320 of the 10,000 goals from the 100/100 list I made. Since the whole idea of the 50/50 list was only to achieve 50%, I'm sticking with that even though it's not as... symmetrical for it to be 100/100/50.

Goals I have completely accomplished this year are:

1. Think up 100 lists of 100 things
4. Download 100 songs from Freegal
5. Do 100 craft projects (not including art)
19. Fold 100 origami stars
28. Abandon 100 pieces of art/craft (ATCs, operation beautiful, cranes)
32. Watch 100 movies
34. Listen to 100 discs of audiobooks
58. 100 levels of 4 pics 1 word
59. 100 winning games of spider solitaire
61. 100 Sudoku puzzles
62. 100 levels of Bubble Blast II
63. 100 word searches
64. 100 levels of Mahjong
71. 100 circles
72. 100 squares
73. 100 triangles
74. 100 stars (I'm not happy with this one, though)
75. 100 hearts (not happy with this one, either)
76. 100 10 letter words
77. 100 15 letter words
78. 100 20 letter words
82. 100 adjectives that describe me
84. Think up a new 101 things in 1001 days list (technically I only needed 100 of those!)
91. Bake 100 dozen cookies

There are some I'm pretty close on, so hopefully over the next few weeks I'll have some more finishes. There are 17 that I have at least 50 of, so... I'd better get in gear! I'm going to try to upload some pictures of some of the prettier finished pages...
18th-Sep-2014 12:52 pm - Scotland, oh Scotland...
Technically a country of my ancestors, but I really don't lay any claim to any of the countries my family is "from", and certainly not one I've never even visited (though I hope to some day, not for any ancestry or genealogy, but because I think the country is pretty). So I don't presume to have an opinion on the vote today, but I find it interesting that no one at work knows/cares/wants to talk about it.

Not to say what they should do, because I don't think it's right for outsiders who certainly don't have the whole story to say what is right for a people (*ahem*) but to merely speculate on the outcome and reasoning and consequences (of either decision).

I can't say I regret this country (the U.S.) splitting from the U.K., though a vote certainly would have been easier than a war. And if we can stay... if not "friends", at least "allies" after that, hopefully if it comes to a split, eventually England and Scotland can be... well, as much of "friends" as you can be after a messy and painful break-up.

Though I've always thought it was weird when people stay friends with their ex, because all the time, you know that thought is in there... that they've licked your naughty bits. And, really, that seems like it would make things just a tad awkward.
8th-Sep-2014 09:10 pm - Pumpkin All The Things - Week 1

Oooh, sorry, missed posting my first week! Eeep! In the first edition of Pumpkin All The Things, I picked Pumpkin Bread Pudding.... in a mug! Now, I've not had the best luck with all of the Mug Cakes, some are okay, some are not, but this is bread pudding, and I love bread pudding. And it has caramel sauce. And ice cream. What's not to love? Not a lot, to be honest. It was easy, and worked pretty well... I combined all of it into one mug (and ate the WHOLE THING!) so I cooked it a little longer, and it was a little ... eggier? than I usually like my bread pudding (I don't measure when I make it, but I think my milk to egg ratio is different) but it was still good (and, yes, tasted very much like pumpkin pie). The worst thing, though? I now know I am but minutes away from bread pudding at any time...
3rd-Sep-2014 01:08 pm - In the grand scheme of things...
This, too, shall pass, but it's still bloody annoying. I thought the grocery store closing was going to be the low point of my week, but apparently losing my keys while shopping at lunch at JoAnn will be. Maybe. It's only Wednesday, after all.

I'm sitting here waiting for the key fairy to bring me my spare key, and there's a chance my keys are in the car. We shall see. I've walked the store for times and didn't see them, and I'd think I'd have heard them drop. No one, so far, has turned in keys, and, on the bright side, no one has stolen my awesome 16-year-old car. So there's that.

I'm going they're in the car, though, because this would put me in a position without a spare key, and could I really justify getting a new key/fob for this car? The check engine light is still on, and you have to figure it has limited life left. But I can't be without a sister key, because while this is only the second time in my life I've locked myself out of my car... it's the second time I've locked myself out of my car.

I blame being unbelievably groggy today. I haven't been with it all day.

C'mon, key fairy!

Edit: good news! The keys were in the car, they'd slipped between the sear and the center console when I was putting my reusable shopping bag in my purse. No good deed goes unpunished, yeah?
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